Tips for Selling Your Home During the Holidays

The holiday season can be a hectic time for everyone.  Sometimes, due to factors beyond your control (like relocating, market conditions or the needs of your family), you may find yourself in a position to have to list your home at this busy time of year.  Here are some tips to make this daunting task a little easier on you and to increase the likelihood your house will get sold.

  • Decorations Should be Tasteful and Minimal

It’s okay to decorate your home if it is on the market over the holidays!  Decorating can add warmth and show the love and pride you have for your home.  That said, try to keep it classy.  Too many decorations can distract potential buyers from the beauty of your home and may also make spaces appear smaller than they actually are.  Avoid religious decorations that might put off buyers of a different faith and instead select non-denominational pieces that represent the beauty of the winter season instead of a specific holiday.

  • Keep Curb Appeal in Mind

Daylight hours are limited this time of year, so be sure the home you have for sale looks just as beautiful at night as it does during the day.  Ensure your exterior light bulbs are functioning.  Stay on top of raking and prune your trees and plants to make sure your home is the focus when potential buyers arrive. Keep your driveway, sidewalks and walkways shoveled if there is snow.  All of this will help buyers focus on the house you are selling instead of potential distractions.

  • Make Buyers Feel Cozy

Everyone wants to buy a house that feels like a home.  In the colder months,selling your home can be more about how it feels than any other time of year.  Be sure to keep the house warm so it feels like a retreat from the cold when potential buyers arrive.  Sufficient lighting should also be a consideration, particularly during evening showings – make sure rooms are bright to contrast the darkness of winter. The smell of fresh baked cookies or sweets is a great way to make buyers feel comfortable.  Consider leaving a plate of treats for them to enjoy while they explore their potential new home! 

  • Hire a Real Estate Agent You Can Count On

The holidays are full of celebrations and obligations, so make sure you are working with a reliable Realtor who will be just as attentive and responsive at this time of year as any other.  Not only will this ensure you don’t miss out on serious potential buyers, but it will take the stress and pressure off of you and your family so you can focus on enjoying the holiday season, even while your house is on the market.

I would love to discuss more ways I can help make selling your home during the holidays easier on you.  Whether you need to relocate or have other motivations to list your home at this time of year, I am here to support you.  Please don’t hesitate – get in touch with me today!   

Karen Borring-Olsen

Your Key to Real Estate Success in Kelowna