Renovations That Add Value to Your Kelowna Home

Being a Kelowna homeowner means taking care of your investment.  Eventually, you are likely to consider renovations to improve the aesthetic, functionality or comfort of your abode.  An important factor to keep in mind when deciding what renovations to undertake is whether you will see a return on your investment when it comes time to sell your home in the future.  I’m here to help you by outlining some renovations that will add value to your Okanagan home so you can rest assured your money and effort is wisely invested!

  • The Kitchen

The greatest opportunity for a monetary return on your investment is to remodel your kitchen.  Whether you are upgrading the appliances, updating fixtures, replacing the countertops, refacing cabinetry or doing a complete overhaul, updates in the kitchen greatly increase the overall value of your home when it comes time to list it for sale.

  • Paint

A fresh coat of paint is like an instant facelift for your home.  Interior walls, ceilings, railings, decks and various types of home exteriors are all spaces you can transform.  Investing in a fresh, new coat of paint has the power to completely change the feel of a space as well as increasing the value of your home!

  • Lighting

Updating lighting not only increases the visual appeal and functionality of your home, but it offers a substantial return on your investment through energy savings.  New light fixtures operate at a fraction of the cost of those that may have been originally installed in your home.  Updated lighting is also a great way to change the atmosphere of a space, allowing you to personalize and customize the ambience to your preferences.  Potential buyers value updates of this nature and are willing to pay for them.

  • Curb Appeal

We all know first impressions are important!  Potential buyers are far more likely to pay more money for your home if it has great curb appeal.  Some ideas to consider are: updating or tidying up landscaping, adding or removing foliage, repainting or staining window trim, painting or replacing your front door, updating or refreshing garden beds, treating or replacing your front lawn, improving the condition of pathways or driveways, replacing your garage door.  All of these renovations will change the way people feel about your home before they even step inside and are likely to offer you a great return on your investment.

  • Energy Efficiency

There is no denying that the ongoing, day-to-day energy efficiency of a home is something homeowners value greatly.  While these renovations can be more costly, they certainly increase the value of your home.  Some opportunities to substantially reduce energy consumption are: replacing hot water tank and/or furnace with high efficiency models, updating windows and/or exterior doors, upgrading insulation.  Any buyer considering making an offer on a home would pay more if these renovations were completed.

Kelowna is a beautiful and wonderful place to live.  I’d love to talk about how you can maximize the return you see on your investment.  Whether you or a loved one is considering selling or purchasing property in the Okanagan Valley, I will be a valuable asset to you throughout the process.  Assisting you with relocation is my specialty.  I am always here to discuss Kelowna Real Estate, just give me a call!

Karen Borring-Olsen

Your Key to Real Estate Success in Kelowna