Relocation Tips

My area of expertise is assisting families and individuals who wish to relocate to Kelowna, British Columbia.  I have extensive knowledge about the area and have developed strong partnerships in the Okanagan Valley that will allow me to provide you with all the support and guidance you require during the significant transition of relocating from Vancouver, elsewhere in the Lower Mainland or anywhere else across Canada.  Below are a list of general tips that will make your relocation easier.  For more specific information about how I can put my expertise to work for you, please contact me to discuss.

Karen Borring-Olsen

Your Key to Real Estate Success in Kelowna

  • Research

Before you decide where you want to live in Kelowna or one of the other special cities in the surrounding Okanagan Valley, research the things that matter to you.  This may be related to schools, jobs, amenities, recreational activities, property prices or neighborhood attributes.

  • Explore

Whenever possible, visit the place you are relocating and get to know the different areas available for you to consider.  Searching for data online is always a good start but getting a sense for a town or city in person before relocating provides you with a different perspective before you make a final decision.

  • Move What Matters

Consider the items you are packing to take with you to your new home.  Bring only items you truly want or need and donate, sell or recycle the rest.  It will feel great to start fresh in your new home surrounded by things that mean something to you, not to mention the savings in both cost and energy when you move less stuff!

  • Hold Off on Large Purchases

Give yourself some time to get settled before making any large purchases.  This will allow you to properly assess what you need for your new space and take the pressure off you to get everything done immediately.

  • Explore, Again!

Now that this is home, you should stretch your legs!  Try restaurants and visit local attractions.  Getting to know a place once you’ve planted roots is very different from being a casual visitor or tourist.  Get the lay of the land and familiarize yourself with Kelowna!

  • Get Involved

Once you have had time to get acclimatized, getting involved in the community can help you feel connected to your new surroundings.  Sign up for local newspapers or community magazines.  Seek out clubs or groups that will allow you to meet new people and develop a sense of belonging in your new home.