Questions To Ask Before Hiring Your Realtor

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The Real Estate Agent (Realtor) you choose to work with throughout the process of buying and/or selling your home will have a huge impact on the experience.  When committing to a Realtor, you are entrusting them to act in your best interest financially and emotionally.  You will be spending a lot of time together and discussing high-stakes and personal topics.  Here are some things you should consider before you commit to the Realtor who will represent you.

  • Do They Know the Area?

Your Realtor should be familiar with the area you are selling or purchasing a home in – find out how long they have lived and worked there and get an idea of the relationships your Realtor has with other professionals.  It is helpful for your Realtor to be able to recommend repair people, inspectors and financial contacts from their network to provide any support you may not already have.  Realtors who are familiar with the area they are working in can also have an advantage during negotiations.

  • What is Their Specialization?

It is advantageous to work with a Realtor who specializes in certain categories.  I provide my clients with a specialized knowledge and focus on relocating to Kelowna and the surrounding Okanagan Valley.  I have extensive experience regarding relocation to the area.  Some Realtors specialize in a foreign language to ease the communication between their clients, prospective buyers and sellers and their respective Real Estate Agents.  Make sure your Realtors specialization fits your needs.

  • What Additional Value Do They Bring?

Some Realtors offer additional services above and beyond simply listing your home for sale or showing you properties you are interested in viewing.  Ask about professional photography or layout mapping and other services that can boost interest in your home.  In the case of selling, find out how they will be advertising your property – do they use social media or have a personal website to draw traffic?  Will they provide signs, create ads and arrange open houses?  In the instance of purchasing, how will they make sure you are seeing the kinds of properties you’re interested in?  Can they automatically alert you when a property meeting your criteria hits the market?  All these questions will help you understand the additional value your Realtor will bring to the table.

  • What is Their Availability and Communication Style?

Ask your potential Realtor when you can expect them to be available to you and what methods of communication they prefer to use (phone, email, texts, etc).  How will they keep you informed and how often?  You may want to know if they have a second job or if they are wholly focused on Real Estate. Keep in mind that being a good listener is a critical skill for a Realtor to possess and demonstrate.  Do you feel heard?  Are they asking you the right questions to indicate they understand your needs?

  • Do You Like Them?

Having a Realtor who is likeable is more important than it may seem.  If you like your Realtor, chances are that others will too.  This is beneficial in the competitive world of Real Estate.  You may want someone similar to you or perhaps you prefer someone whose personality balances yours – think about what kind of energy they will add to the process.  I encourage you to listen to your instincts when committing to a Realtor.  Do you enjoy your interactions?  Do you trust them?  Do you like them?

I’d love an opportunity to sit down and chat to you about your needs from a Realtor.  You can email or call me anytime – I am so looking forward to hearing from you!

Karen Borring-Olsen

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