Keeping Your Kelowna Home Cool

One of the many things the Okanagan Valley is famous for is our beautiful weather!  During the summer around Kelowna, BC there are lots of ways to cool off in the outdoors like enjoying one of our many beautiful beaches or water parks.  But what about keeping cool inside your Kelowna home during these warmer months?  Here are some tips on how to do just that, in a more energy-conscious way than just turning on the air conditioner!

  • Strategically Open & Close Blinds and Windows

You can naturally cool your home by closing blinds and windows during the day and opening them at night!  As beautiful as that Kelowna sunshine can be, it is powerful.  The sides of your home that get the most direct sun will benefit the most from blocking the sunlight, preventing it from increasing the temperature inside.  Opening windows at night allows the cool night air to refresh your home and keep it cooler longer when the sun rises again.

  • Cook Smarter, Not Hotter

You can keep your home cooler by avoiding the use of the oven while it’s hot out!  Summer in Kelowna goes hand in hand with outdoor cooking, or you could try recipes that don’t use the oven like sandwiches or freshly sliced Okanagan fruits and vegetables with dip.  There are also lots of great restaurants in and around Kelowna for you to enjoy without having to heat up your own kitchen.

  • Dress For The Occasion

Wearing natural fabrics does double duty when it’s hot outside by absorbing sweat and being breathable.  There’s no better place to feel comfortable than when you’re at home, so slip into something made of cotton or linen and don’t forget to change your bedding to natural fabrics, too so you can sleep more comfortably.

  • Power Down

If there’s any season to take time away from electronics, it’s summer!  Not only are there plenty of other activities to enjoy, but having fewer electronics running also keeps your home from unnecessarily heating up.  Whether it’s hanging clothes to dry instead of using the dryer or leaving the TV off in favor of a good book, it will make a difference in the temperature of your home.

  • Pets Want to be Cool, Too

You can keep your four-legged friends comfortable on hot days by giving them a cool bath or shower, putting down a damp towel for them to lay on, or having a fan circulate air around the room for them.  Of course, always make sure they have fresh water available, especially when temperatures rise!

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Karen Borring-Olsen

Your Key to Real Estate Success in Kelowna