How You Can Help Your Realtor

You and your Realtor will work together to achieve a shared goal – buying or selling your home in Kelowna, BC!  One of the many benefits of hiring a Realtor is the peace of mind you have knowing someone is working in your best interest.  In order to support your Realtor in doing the best job possible, there are a few things you can do to help.

  • Communicate Clearly

Working with a Realtor is a partnership that requires clear communication to ensure you get everything you want and need.  When buying or selling your Kelowna home, it is critical to communicate your expectations in order for your Realtor to meet them.  If you prefer they communicate with you through email or text over the phone, say so and they’ll be happy to accommodate.  If you are overwhelmed or confused by documents you need to sign, let them know so they can go through them with you in detail.  Whatever special requests or adjustments to my standard levels of service my clients may have, I will do everything in my power to meet them – I just need to know about those expectations first, and I welcome that input from my clients at any time during the buying or selling process.

  • Respect Their Time

Being a Real Estate Agent can be a juggling act.  With many clients, listings, and appointments, your Realtor is probably pretty busy most of the time.  Be respectful of your Realtors schedule by ensuring you are on time for appointments, giving them some time to respond to your queries, and letting them know if you’re running late or need more time for something.  I consider my client’s time valuable and I appreciate it when they return that courtesy. 

  • Clean House

When selling a home, appearance matters.  Your house may have “good bones” but buyers often make the decision to purchase a home with their emotions.  The best help you can give your Realtor to sell your Kelowna home is to clean it up and keep it tidy during the selling process. 

  • Trust Their Expertise

Your Realtor is an expert in their field.  They live and breathe the Real Estate market and this is one of the most valuable assets they bring to the table.  Even though they work for you, do them a favour and trust their expertise!  Particularly when it comes to list price or how much to offer on a property you love, your Realtor is going to give you advice with your best interests at heart.  Perhaps your Realtor might suggest rearranging or removing furniture, or investing some money on upgrades that will benefit you in the long run.  I always make sure I am setting my clients up for success when giving advice surrounding the home buying or selling process.  It feels good when they trust me enough to take that advice.

  • Give Feedback

The most valuable thing you can do for your Realtor after they have successfully helped you buy or sell your home in Kelowna is to provide feedback.  Speaking with your Realtor directly about how they surpassed your expectations, or how they could have improved is extremely helpful.  If the service you received was exceptional, consider leaving reviews or testimonials through your Realtors website.  You can also submit ratings and reviews through websites like Google or Yelp.  Finally, the greatest compliment you can pay to your Realtor is by way of referrals.  I am never more honoured than when a client feels they can entrust me with taking care of their family and friends when they next need to buy or sell a home in Kelowna.

If you or a loved one need to buy or sell a property in Kelowna, please get in touch with me to discuss how I can be “Your Key to Real Estate Success in Kelowna”.

Karen Borring-Olsen

Your Key to Real Estate Success in Kelowna