House for Sale Red Flags

Buying a home in the Okanagan Valley is an exciting process that I’d be thrilled to help you through.  As your Kelowna Realtor, I will work with you to find houses and properties that meet all your criteria within budget.  It’s important to know indicators that might suggest a house for sale could have underlying issues.  Below, I outline some red flags that you shouldn’t ignore when shopping for your next home.

  • Odours

The nose knows!  Pay attention to how a house smells when you are viewing it.  Funky smells can be a sign of water damage, mold, mildew or other moisture problems.  If a seller is using scents during an open house, try to get a sniff of closets and the basement to understand if they’re masking something.  It’s also a good idea to tour a home privately so you can thoroughly inspect it before committing to purchase.

  • Mass Exodus

Are there many homes for sale in the neighbourhood you’re looking in?  Of course, this is often a coincidence, but sometimes it can indicate dissatisfaction with an area.  Investigate whether crime rates are high, if there are any environmental issues or perhaps a large new construction project has been announced.  As your Realtor, I will always do my best to advise you of any concerns there may be about buying a home in certain areas.

  • Critters

Pests of all kinds can take up residence in a home and it can be hard to get them to move out!  Keep an eye out for indicators of infestations by unwelcome guests.  Signs of rodents include evidence of nesting in dark places like cupboard and behind appliances, or dirt, grease and small holes along baseboard where mice and rats usually travel.  Insects can be harder to spot but indicators include dead bugs, visibly deteriorating wood throughout the home, holes in packaging within the home or mud tunnels around the outside of the foundation.

  • Poor Maintenance

Many sellers will do repairs prior to listing their home for sale.  It’s important to pay attention to where repairs have been done and how thoroughly they have been completed.  The quality of the work you can see is often an indicator of what you can’t see.  Second rate repairs, temporary fixes and patch jobs can cost you money down the line or be hiding a bigger problem.  The best way to protect yourself against DIY fixes that don’t meet code is to have a home inspection done before you commit to purchasing.  As your Realtor I can recommend reliable and trusted Home Inspectors in Kelowna and the Okanagan who will provide you with a complete and thorough assessment of the issues a home may have.