Growing Fruit on Your Property in the Okanagan

One of the many benefits to owning property in Kelowna and the surrounding Okanagan Valley is the incredible climate that encourages a wide variety of flora and fauna to thrive here!  The Okanagan is famous for growing delicious fruit so I have compiled a list of why you should consider planting a tree or two (or more!) to create your own personal Okanagan fruit orchard!  If you or a loved one need assistance buying or selling your property in Kelowna, please reach out to me today.

Karen Borring-Olsen

Your Key to Real Estate Success in Kelowna

  • Sunshine Galore

Kelowna boasts an average of around 300 sunny days per year, which means plants get lots of energy to produce lots of delicious fruit!  You can proudly harvest more fruit as a result of the great weather in Kelowna – plants love it and you will, too!

  • Nurture Nature

The Okanagan Valley is not only ideal for growing fruit but animals love it here, too!  Fruit trees contribute to the ecosystem in the area where they are planted, attracting and providing for animals, birds and insects of all kinds.  Having a fruit tree on your property in Kelowna will allow you to observe nature up close and personal and really appreciate the creatures that call the Okanagan “home”.

  • Eco-Friendly Food

We all know that minimizing our carbon footprint is important so having fresh fruit available in your own backyard can only mean good things all around!  If you are fortunate enough to have too much, you can get creative using your Okanagan fruit in recipes, sharing it with friends and neighbors or by trying your hand at preserving!  There is so much you can do with home grown fruit!

  • Monetary Value

It has to be said, mature fruit trees are a valuable commodity.  It takes time and care to ensure your fruit trees are healthy and productive.  Future potential home buyers will see fruit trees as an asset to a property, which may increase resale value.

  • Beautification

Last but not least, fruit trees are beautiful.  Planted in a front yard, they add to curb appeal.  In a backyard, they provide a shady place to rest or play.  Many fruit trees bloom spectacularly in the spring, which is a sight to behold.  It’s hard to deny the charm of a fruit tree growing on your own property!