Benefits of Selling Your Home in the Winter

Winter is a cozy time of year, usually known for bundling up and hunkering down.  It is a common myth that winter is an undesirable time of year to sell a home.  I’m here to lay that misconception to rest!  Here are some reasons why having a home for sale in the winter can actually be beneficial and work to your advantage as a seller.

  • Less Competition

The most common time of year to list a home for sale is in the spring, when the market is flooded with listings and options for buyers to consider.  Listing your house for sale in the winter means there are less listings to compete with, increasing the likelihood that your home will stand out to potential buyers.

  • Less Casual Browsing

It may surprise you to know that not everyone looking at homes for sale or attending open houses are seriously considering purchasing a home.  While the number of viewing requests and inquiries about a house for sale may be higher in the spring and summer months, typically only those seriously interested in making a purchase will be shopping in the winter. 

  • More Motivated Buyers

Fall is the most common time of year for babies to be born so new parents may be desperately seeking an upgrade to their living arrangements.  Year-end bonuses and raises at work can give people the resources they need to finally make a change they’ve been dreaming of.  Corporate relocation is also more common at the beginning and end of the calendar year, creating a sometimes urgent need for people to purchase a home.  All these factors create a scenario where the potential buyers looking at your home are of higher quality than quantity, which bodes well for you as the seller.

  • More Attention from Realtors

As mentioned above, there are less homes listed for sale in the winter.  It’s only natural that this means Realtors’ resources are spread more thinly.  Having your home listed for sale in the winter means you will get more time and attention from both the buyers agents as well as your own!  This can only be a good thing and will work to your advantage when interested parties are looking to make a purchase.

If you have the need or desire, I’m confident I can help you sell your home this winter.  I am well-versed in relocation to Kelowna from other parts of BC and Canada.  Let me put my expertise to work for you – I would love to discuss all the ways I can help make selling your Okanagan home during the winter a success!  Please reach out to me to arrange a free home evaluation so we can chat about your wants and needs.

Karen Borring-Olsen

Your Key to Real Estate Success in Kelowna